It’s no secret that packaging design is vital in a successful product lunch but when it comes to being the center of attention you want to play as creatively as possible. creative packaging is every business’s perfect opportunity to grab instant attention and interest with a simple glance. Salman Canned tuna is a valuable product for this brand. you see Unlike most of the tuna available in the market, which has compressed pieces of fish in a circular can, Salman’s Novin Food Company has included a whole portion of Hoover and Gaidar fish into this product in a rectangular package, and for this reason, it was absolutely critical for them to create a distinction and unique tuna packaging. fortunately, that was exactly what we did at Zarif Graphics, after hours of research and brainstorming ideas we finally came up with an attractive and creative concept for Salman’s packaging.

The rectangularity of Salman’s packaging gave us a chance to make the most of this situation and showcase the packaging as a cube fish. The tail in the back and the eyes, mouth, and sequins along with the product name on the packaging were UV-printed to draw attention well.

We also tried to remind the audience of the priceless and completely different products with minimalism and using dark colors. This Salman tuna product comes in four flavors; the regular is designed with purple color, peppery with red color, dill with green and olive flavor was in olive color. The photography of this product was done by Zarif Graphic Studio in collaboration with Carno Studio.