Zarnegaran Dried Fruit Packaging


ZarifGraphic Studio took on the task of creating the packaging identity for Zarnegaran targeting chain stores and exporters. The project included design, printing, photography, and catalog creation to be finished by mid-Esfand.

Beginning with exploration for an elegant design with high product visibility, iterative prototyping resulted in a standout design approved by the client. Different designs were developed for refinement to suit the diverse Zarnegaran product range.

The challenge arose in incorporating a rich color palette for 34 products while ensuring printing clarity. Extensive revisions, prototype crafting, and meticulous printing followed, emphasizing color accuracy and template creation.

The photography phase captured Zarnegaran products in various settings, leading to catalog creation that beautifully showcased the product range. The project was completed promptly due to the cohesive, creative, and dedicated team at ZarifGraphic Studio.