Marjan, a Gilan-natured brand located in Mashhad, found its primary presence in the digital world. Two years ago, our expert graphic design team developed Marjan’s brand and visual identity. With Marjan’s recent growth, they recognized the need for a packaging rebrand involving changes in color, content, and structure.

We transitioned Marjan’s label and packaging designs from white-gold to a vibrant red-gold, aligning them with the brand’s logo and capturing the essence of Gilan’s vibrant atmosphere, making them more appealing on store shelves.

Our three-language packaging content layout was meticulously designed for easy information retrieval. This, combined with a well-thought-out label and text layout, created a cohesive and informative packaging.

Our primary focus was on Marjan’s packaging. Hours of design, prototype creation, and client discussions led to the final design.

In shaping Marjan’s label and packaging, we aimed to evoke the essence of Gilan. We transformed the structure into a Gilani villa-inspired design, which cleverly formed a house shape when placed back to back. For shipping, they efficiently fit together, minimizing wasted space.

Our skilled artists at ZarifGraphic created Marjan’s character in traditional Northern attire, seated near windows and a terrace, with a basket of Gilani goods, all showcased with high-precision printing. Photography by Studio Karno captured the striking product visuals.

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