Hakim Banoo Products Packaging Design


The Hakim Banoo Company, has long been a prominent presence in the market. While their previous packaging served them well, their new IFDA membership sparked a desire for a brand refresh. This initiative aimed to integrate the IFDA logo into their products and revamp the packaging to exude freshness and promote a healthy lifestyle, especially to mothers and youths.

Tasked with the exciting challenge of designing the packaging for the Hakim Banoo family product line, we embarked on the process of crafting layouts, color schemes, and designs for 19 products across two sizes, to be printed on cellophane and applied with precision on containers of varying curves and angles, presented its own unique set of complexities. However, with dedication and creative flair, we successfully brought this project to fruition in September 1402, capturing the essence of health and vitality.

The new packaging design was met with immediate release, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the Hakim Banoo brand.