Divine Saffron Gift Packaging


Over the course of two years, Zarif Graphic Studio has been collaborating with Divine Saffron, a company that generously donates 11% of its sales to support underprivileged Afghan children. Through a series of meticulous brainstorming sessions, we have crafted a unique and captivating character design that serves as the centerpiece for this exceptional collection.

The character we’ve created is a personification of the brand’s core values – beauty, kindness, and charitable spirit. She is a graceful figure, embodying the elegance and allure of saffron itself. Her wings, delicately adorned with saffron petals, symbolize the brand’s commitment to uplifting and empowering those in need. This enchanting character has been expertly rendered from various angles, allowing for a versatile and dynamic visual identity across the collection’s packaging designs.

For the packaging itself, our goal was to create a design that exudes sophistication and attention to detail, capturing the essence of the brand and the exceptional quality of its products. We employed a range of premium printing techniques, including gold foiling, embossing, and UV coating, to elevate the overall aesthetic and tactile experience.