Divine Saffron Packaging Design


Amidst the diverse designs we have executed for the American company Divine Saffron, we approached the packaging design for their packet saffron in a simple, chic, and perfectly aligned manner with the company’s identity and brand.

Key Design Elements:

Saffron Viewing Window: Inspired by the brand’s logo, a transparent window is incorporated into the packaging body, allowing customers to view the quality and color of the saffron before purchase.

Elongated Stature: The slender and elongated proportions of the packaging evoke a sense of delicacy and value for the saffron, setting it apart from similar products.

Emphasis on Achievements: The awards and honors earned by Divine Saffron are prominently displayed on the packaging, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to providing saffron of unparalleled quality.

With this packaging style, Divine Saffron’s economical saffron is an ideal choice for:

Budget-conscious consumers

Culinary enthusiasts

Gifts and souvenirs

Additional Details:

The packaging utilizes a color scheme that aligns with the brand’s overall aesthetic, conveying a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The typography employed is clean and elegant, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the packaging.

The packaging materials are carefully selected to ensure the preservation of the saffron’s quality and freshness.

Overall, the packaging design for Divine Saffron’s packet saffron effectively communicates the brand’s values and highlights the exceptional quality of their product.