BOLD branding

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

We all grew up in the light and influence of an endearing loving mom… whether it is our birth mother, grandmother, or a mom figure… An ICONIC MOM… and that’s how we chose the naming for this exceptional range.

Celebrating their love and influence should be special as well as tailored to her character and style

For this we created the design of Iconic Moms range tailored to each mom figure we might meet… there is the sweetest grandmother… the classic elegant lady, the young soul, the bold daring mom, and the modest mom.

Using bold black lines and striking colors we created iconic & outstanding figures for each mom. We also designed a unique accessory icon resembling each type and colored them in white to add a popping element to the design.

Now pick the pack that looks like your ICONIC MOM!


BOLD branding

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Project Manager: Sarah El Kasaby
Chief Designer: Kamal Rizk
Photography: Omar Gomaa
Photography Assistant: Yossef Gomaa
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