Voilà Chocolate Love EDITION

BOLD branding

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Chocolate is the Love language of food! Like love; chocolate is sweet, intense, flavorful, and full of exciting varieties!

Having these beautiful chocolate bonbons collections as a product inspired us to create a packaging design collection that is like no other… we wanted to convey the message of love, passion, & luxury through the design.

We came up with unique short messages of love like Be Mine, Love Louder, Speak Love; and turned it into sleek typography placed on intense passionate colors…

Accenting the design by some passionate elements like the kisses, loving eyes, and hugging bear played a perfect part to seal the love message in a fun way!

Voilà Love Edition offers luxurious chocolate bonbons with rich flavors in meaningful packaging that can add true passion to your loving occasions!


BOLD branding

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Project Manager: Sarah El Kasaby 

Chief Designer: Kamal Rizk

Photography: Omar Gomaa

Photography Assistant: Yossef Gomaa


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