The PetBloom Club

don Gata Studio

Braga, Portugal

The PetBloom Club was born in 2019, right before the pandemic. Mark, the owner of the company, realized that besides his love for his dog, he had a newfound love for house plants and how to care for them. After realizing that, much like him, his friends and neighbors couldn’t find a store that could provide plants that were pet-friendly alternatives, PetBloom Club started to take shape in his mind.

Targeted for millennials that love their pets but also want to embark on plant parenthood, PetBloom Club is a warm, inviting, and caring brand.

We developed the concept for this project, designing its complete identity. We drove inspiration from Mike’s dog for the logo and created several versions to ensure it stayed dynamic.

Our goal was to distinguish this brand from other plant shops or communities that don’t necessarily put pets at the fore-center. The color palette is mainly composed of green shades with hints of blue, beige, and yellow for contrast and pops of color.