Golden tea | Packaging Design

Project Information

Golden tea is a tea company that serves tea for the daily lifestyle. Golden tea wants to be a solution for drinkers other than coffee, considering that all business people are currently more interested in coffee than other drinks, especially tea. Golden tea’s management believes that tea is one of the most timeless beverages, therefore they wanted to make tea something interesting to have. Golden Tea offer you the freshest leaves that are blended together with sourced nutrient-dense ingredients to form a perfectly-crafted beverage.

Visual Identity

The Golden Tea logotype simpler, more solid, easy to recognise, lively but elegant. The Golden Tea identity a brand modern, clean, unique and timeless.

For the packaging we wanted it fun illustration approach to make the brand more premium yet playful. Each illustration represents the taste of tea with ingredients and colour palette blends that distinguish each flavours. The colour palette selection is based on the tea flavoured colour that has been determined.

Finally, we designed the website. On the website one can read the history of the company but also order his favourite tea.