Cactus Coffee & More / Christmas Edition


Cactus Coffee & More / Christmas Packaging Design

Cactus Coffee & More was born with the purpose of being different from other coffee shops, with a welcoming environment full of innovation. After a thorough analysis, we developed a modern visual identity that connects every touch point within the brand. That way, we could fully prepare the brand for the cafeteria market.

Our challenge was to translate the client’s needs for a young and demanding audience. This audience is concerned about having a welcoming space, where can share happy and joyful moments with friends and, at the same time, an environment where they can work and generate new connections. Therefore, the brand needed to demonstrate its values, without neglecting its visual appeal.

For the logo, we made a shape that included a Sahara inside. The fonts we used are simple and easy to read by all ages. The colour palette is supposed to reflect colours that are commonly seen in nature.

We also designed the price list, the coffee cups, the website and some social media posts.