Vinci is a soft drink, a sustainable drink, low calories and above all, a drink that tastes good. Adapted to the new times, with unique, attractive and surprising flavours.

Produced in various flavours like Strawberry & Kiwi, Orange, Watermelon, Lemon, Grape, Exotic and Pineapple.

What’s Unique?
It was a big challenge to produce one more brand that stands out well on the shelf with a unique identity and colours representing the authentic feeling of the soft drink yet classy and modern which makes you want to try it.

This Vinci packaging design was carefully created to appeal to the younger crowd.

Through an attractive and contemporary visual style, it is intended to attract young people. The bright colours evoke a young and modern vibe.

We made the label clear and concise. We also turned the text on the package 90˚, so it becomes wider. This inverted label motivates a customer to interact with it: either turn their head or turn a can in an unusual way.

Vinci contains natural ingredients, so we decided to use the label as promotional material in itself.

It means that we are proud of the product composition.


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