Aroma Soap Packaging Design

Aroma Soap is a brand of handmade soap made from natural ingredients. The creator of the brand makes soap using only natural ingredients – vegetable and essential oils, vitamins and does not use synthetic flavours. The brand also emphasizes that the soap has a bright fruity aroma, which will allow you to feel the naturalness of the product.

The brand’s products are handmade soap, which is made entirely from environmentally friendly products and is hyperallergenic, so my goal was to reflect this environmental friendliness in the logo.

I created a font logo in a minimalist and concise style. The font is delicate and refined, reflecting the quality of the product. An alternative version of the logo – is the tree leaves. It can be used on its own, for printing on business cards, labels and packaging. I also created design for the packaging, web design and social media.

I used a leaf as a sign as a symbol of naturalness, purity and environmental friendliness.

For the packaging, we used natural tones and kraft textures to be environmentally friendly. In addition to luxury edition, handwash and hand cream, recyclable paper has been used.


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