Kokai Coffee presents a new experience in luxury coffee, offering select high-quality coffees taking into account the different regions of the world where the best coffee beans are grown. We present fresh coffee of excellent quality, freshly harvested and presented to an audience that cares about the best flavour and drinks coffee daily.

Our job was to create a logo, packaging design, website and social media.

The logo is minimal with a serif font. The font is Nevrada Neue. Nevrada Neue is a fashiontastic display font.

For the packaging design used two patterns with minimal flowers and bright colours. A colour was generated to visualize the unique taste experience of each flavour of coffee. The series contains packaging for espresso, filter coffee and instant coffee. Used secondary serif font “Gerlick”.

Finally, we designed the website and social media. On the website, one can read the history of the company but also order his favourite flavour of the coffee. Also, on social media we upload photos of coffees and products.