DS1 branding has developed a packaging design for the new ready-made breakfast DUO MIX of the brand “Lyubyatovo”

The main task of the agency was to highlight the product on the shelves and speed up the readability of its specifics by the target audience, while remaining within the brand identity.

The Lyubyatovo brand is one of the leading manufacturers of cookies, crackers and ready–made breakfasts in our country. In 2022, the brand’s team decided to supplement its product line with a new ready–made breakfast – vanilla and chocolate balls, which are popular with children.

The DS1 branding team was tasked with developing a visual and verbal identity of the product, thanks to which the buyer would be able to quickly and easily recognize a familiar product released in the line of the Lyubyatovo brand. An important sub-task facing the agency was the need to stay within the brand’s positioning and identity, which are characterized by caring for the consumer, cleanliness and minimalism of design.

The positioning of the brand “Lyubyatovo” is that love is a million daily little things in which our concern for loved ones is manifested. It would seem that imperceptible signs of attention make up our daily routine. And a very important detail of this routine is breakfast, especially for children. Our day starts with breakfast. And in many ways, it depends on him how it will begin and how it will pass. That is why it was important to create an image of a product that you want to share with your closest ones and with which it will be a joy to start the day.

In order to make the packaging attractive, the DS1 branding design department chose bright and saturated colors as the main colors – blue, bright yellow and dense white-pearl. Among other things, the choice of such a color scheme contributes to the prominence of packaging on the shelves.

The form factor of the product is a package with gassets, that is, soft packaging: on the shelves it can crumple a little and change its shape. Straight and very geometric lines used in visual identity may look sloppy, in this regard, the agency’s design department decided to go towards soft lines, as if drawn by a child’s hand, which in turn corresponds to the positioning of the product.

Conceptually, in the visual identity, the agency’s design department has retained the purity and minimalism inherent in the character of the brand, but taking into account the peculiarities of the perception of consumers of the product – children – it has added brightness and childishness. Thanks to a large food zone, it is quickly read which product is in the package, and the verbal identity in Cyrillic – “DUO MIX” – complements it, explaining to the audience that it is vanilla–chocolate balls that are inside.

The DS1 branding team emphasized the rational advantages of the product with the brands: “With whole grain”, “Without dyes and preservatives”, which is important for the consumer audience of the product – parents.

In order to make the packaging more attractive and soulful, the team decided to increase the brand hero, a Firecracker that looks out from behind a plate of vanilla-chocolate balls, as if recommending it to consumers. Caring brand hero reinforces, among other things, brand positioning.

Thus, the identity translates the orientation specifically to the children’s audience, increases the likelihood of making a purchase and increases the loyalty of the consumer audience to the brand.


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