Huqiao Winery spirit

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Huaqiao spirit packaging

In the Spring and Autumn Periods, Bian He, a native of Chu, was famous all over the world for his “Bi of Heshi”.
Later generations settled on the banks of the Hudu River and made a living in Amitabha Temple for several generations.
Later generations collected raw jade along the Yangtze River to build cellars according to their ancestors’ method of “Jade Wine Jue”.
That is the “uncut jade cellar” located in Tiger Bridge Winery in Jingzhou.
The wine brewed in the Puyu cellar is naturally aged, mellow and soft, and then distilled in a traditional pot.
Harmful substances can be volatilized. Although the yield rate is low, the aftertaste is clean and refreshing, which is the best among wines.
This is the old Huqiao wine, called “fine nectar and jade liquid” by the ancients.