Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Carrer de Félix Pizcueta, 23, 46004 València, Valencia, España

Graphics for craft gin. Ricardo Barguñó. 2021.


A new brand producing gins with special flavours, which requires a name, position and image. The crux of the project is its exclusivity, with batches of 100 numbered bottles of each flavour. The first thing is to find a name that refers to this quality and which gives rise to a story: A Dutch sailor, Andreas Van Loy, is sent by the Dutch East India Company in search of a berry with which to make a curative gin, capable of alleviating the pandemic that is ravaging the Netherlands. After two years in the Java Sea, just as he is about to end his voyage without having achieved his goal, he finds the sought-after fruit, fills the holds and begins his return. However, encounters with storms, pirates and the harsh conditions of the return voyage decimate the ship’s cargo. Upon arrival at the port, the berries are unloaded, and it is discovered that very few of them are still in good condition. The Prince of Orange, dismayed, tells him just how few bottles of gin they will be able to fill: 100&nomore!


On the label, without adhesive, held in place by a rubber band, the central feature is the lot number, and on the reverse there is a text relating to the corresponding flavour of the gin, which can be read through the glass on the back. The bottle is sealed with sealing wax and is presented in kraft cardboard boxes of one or three units that serve as a shipping box, since sales are made on the internet and we wanted to avoid having one box inside another.


Bronze. Packaging