202 Dry Gin contains high quality botanicals from the highlands of Armenia, France and Italy. The product is made of 12 botanicals in its composition: juniper, coriander, hibiscus, basil, mint, estragon. We aimed to portray the ingredients of the product and its uniqueness in the finest way through hand-drawn illustrations with botanical elements and a tropical vibe.

The 202 Gin Bar Edition has 7 botanicals in its composition. Mainly having coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, basil. With its packaging design, our goal was to create something minimalistic yet unique to match its classic and even taste ,and keep the connection with 202 Dry Gin. As a result, with the right combination of packaging elements, the eye-catching product was introduced to the market.


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Creative Director: Davit Hovagimyan
Graphic Designer: David Petrosyan
Illustrator: Ashkhen Muradyan
3D Artist: Avetiq Nersisyan
Istak Distillery