Murual is more than just a jewelry brand—it’s an exclusive experience limited to only 100 individuals worldwide. As the creative minds behind Murual, we set out to redefine how jewelry is presented. Beyond designing a unique visual identity, we crafted a special packaging box for the items and added advanced technologies for personalizing the product.

When conceptualizing the packaging of Murual’s unique pendants, our creative team tried to unify each jewel’s illustration with its story and transform it into a packaging masterpiece, all while ensuring that the magic stays hidden until after opening it.

Our creative process extended beyond aesthetics—we designed unique environments for each creation, establishing an emotional connection between the jewelry and its wearer.

Also, we teamed up with @arloopa for you to be able to dive into the digital world of the creations through AR (AugmentedReality Metaverse App). AR animates the illustration and enables you to glimpse the Murual universe.