Curly Lewis Brewing Co.


The first brewery in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Only a stone throw from the break, Curly Lewis captures the eclectic local characters that inspire their range of easy-drinking beers made for long salty days in the sun. The locals of Bondi surf and skate to their own beat and the branding is no exception. We’ve had a lot of fun breaking beer conventions with a fresh identity that flows through packaging, venue and digital.

Bondi Beach is a Sydney icon known for its eclectic mix of people from the fit clique to the surfers, skaters, veteran locals and everything in between. It’s not just a place but a brand in and of itself that gets plenty of airtime. So when we were asked to brand the first brewery in Bondi Beach we knew it needed a local lens and fresh approach.

Our challenge was to design a brand identity and beer range that’s inspired by the colourful personalities in Bondi Beach. The solution must have longevity and travel outside of Sydney and into cluttered fridges Australia wide.

Originating from Curlewis Street in Bondi Beach, we translated the street into a characterful spinoff named ‘Curly Lewis’. So who is Curly? It’s the rolling waves we surf each morning or perhaps it’s the tall stories locals retell over a cold beer. Or maybe It’s the revolving doors of the brewery, serving up ‘fresh rounds’ so tasty they beckon another… and another.

For the love of Curly, we created a typographic-led design that curls around the can – playing to the name in a direct and uncomplicated way. Simplicity in the idea was the key to delivering a concept that cuts through the busy beer category.

The brand mark is used as a secondary device that bounces around the more structured pack design with looseness and freedom. You’ll see it appear in various colours and placements for a more dynamic and free-flowing aesthetic – capturing the energy and vibrancy that flows through Bondi.

We collaborated with the client and Acme&Co (Interior designers) to layer the brand across the venue. From an eye catching blade sign that glows like a beacon to consulting on the signage direction for local artist murals as well as branded brewery swag.

Limited Release beers titled WILD CARDS were created to give the people a taste of the brewery’s short run creations. Digitally printed cans and matching tap decals for the bar loosen up the Curly tone and appeal to the craft beer drinker.


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Brand Strategy: Terry Squadrito
Creative director: Matthew Squadrito
Designers: Belinda O-Brien, Julie Joanny, Andrew Cuneen
Architecture and Design: Acme
Photgraphy: James Evans
Curly Lewis Brewing Co.