Archie Rose Sea Salt Gin and Pink Peppercorn Vodka


After 6 years of collaborating with Archie Rose Distilling Co. on limited releases, we can now say it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding types of projects we work on at Squad Ink. It pushes us (and them) to think outside the box and look at ways to entice and surprise people release after release – yet always remaining true to the Archie Rose essence.

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places…

Meet Sea Salt Gin and Pink Peppercorn Vodka.
Two everyday staples innovated into two very tasty releases.

Uniquely crafted to elevate your favourite Martini or Bloody Mary recipes, this neat 200ml spirit duo is the ultimate sidekick to a long lunch or boozy brunch.

Our design highlights the distinctive depth and character of these two spirits through colour and texture. Here, we subtly connect the flavour to the ideal serve and occasion.

Sea Salt Gin: Made for the love of martinis and long lunches by the sea.
Pink Peppercorn Vodka: Made for decadent brunches with a bloody mary in hand.

Which one is speaking to YOU?


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Creative Director: Matthew Squadrito
Designer: Beliind O'Brien
Designer: Amy Ezaki
Designer: Julie Joanny
Account Manager: Elena Dikanova
Archie Rose