Felons Barrel Hall


Inspired by the rowdy German beer halls of Europe, Felons Barrel Hall in Brisbane Australia celebrates the magic of barrel-conditioning beer with a kaleidoscope of bold sounds, punchy flavours and local cheer.

Quality oak and characterful organisms mingle with the booming sounds of the Hall whilst time unfolds to reveal some truly spectacular flavours. Conditioned with over 496 nights of live music blaring against the barrel. From a brooding Imperial Stout to a delicate French farmhouse ale, each is distinctive and here for a good time, not a long time.

Felons are applying fine wine sensibilities to brewing and unearthing a radical spectrum of flavour. With only 300 bottles of each produced we created a flexible packaging system that embraces colour and the raw punchy character of the Hall.


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Creative Director: Matthew Squadrito
Designer: Adi Kotes, Amy Ezaki, Jamie Browne
3D Visualisation: Jack Hawkins
Felons Brewing Co