HIGHR is raising the stakes on mindful drinking. With a twinkle of mood-enhancing nootropics, you can now enjoy epic-tasting non-alcoholic cocktails that venture into another dimension of enjoyment. It’s liquid satisfaction for your mouth and mind.

“We’ve reimagined how mindful drinking, functional ingredients and unique flavour combos could be brought to life. Blurring category lines and pulling what works best from alc and non-alc to create something truly unique and desirable.” Matthew Squadrito, Creative Director

The label design is aimed at provoking thought and intrigue around the ingredients through psychedelic variant illustrations that offer a clear short-cut to communicating the concept of transcendentally delicious non alc cocktails for your mouth and mind.

The labels are printed on a holographic laser foil stock to amplify the psychedelic effect and deliver pop on the shelf.

We created 3D visualisations that merge flavour and feeling together to deliver surreal environments that glorify the ingredients and packaging.

It’s time to take mindful drinking into the next dimension.


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Brand Strategy: Terry Squadrito
Creative Director : Matthew Squadrito
Designer: Julie Joanny, Belinda, O'Brien, Amy Ezaki
3D: Brandon Wehbe