Introducing Blanco Wolf, Patient Wolf’s first venture into the world of agave. Staying true to Patient Wolf’s roots, this is an Agave Gin Spirit… an Aussie first.

This spirit started with 100% organic Agave Nectar from the Blue Weber Agave plant, sourced from Jalisco in Mexico. The nectar was fermented in-house in preparation for a double distillation. The first distillation produced a clean agave base spirit. Classic gin botanicals were then added to the second distillation; Juniper, Coriander seed and Angelica root to give the agave spirit a touch of ‘gin-ness’.

In Patient Wolf’s words, ‘this Agave Gin Spirit is our most progressive release to date. And it was bloody hard to make (which is why there are only 400 bottles available). Hurry and get your bottle today. Each order comes with a complimentary cocktail guide for some extra inspiration.’

The design, by Sydney based Squad Studio, is inspired by the Chupacabra (a Mexican folklore creature). The wolf-like creature represents a spirit born of two worlds, gin and tequila.

You no longer have to pick a favourite—tequila or gin. You can have both.

Curator’s Insight

The captivating element of the design that features a skeleton riding the Chupacabra is a visual metaphor that encapsulates the essence of Blanco Wolf. The Chupacabra, a mythical creature from Mexican folklore, represents the fusion of two worlds – the botanical world of gin and the agave-rich world of tequila. I feel that the skeleton confidently riding this mythical creature visually conveys the harmony of these two spirits.



Illustrator: Marty Schneider
Photographer: Still Smiths
Patient Wolf