The liquor is named “King of Pear Tree”.

Starting from the “King of Pear Tree” brand and the regional characteristics of Dangshan, the design extracts the visual elements of “pear blossom” and “tree pattern”.  The shape of the bottle body imitates the shape of a pear blossom. while increasing its sense of value.

The neck and cap form a highly abstract pear tree, and the texture and relief further enhance the texture of the entire bottle.

The pear blossom shape at the bottom of the bottle is an unexpected surprise and interesting detail of the whole design.

Dangshan has a long history. Qin established thirty-six counties, and Dang was one of them. This is the hometown of Zhu Wen, King of Liang in the Five Dynasties, and the ancestral home of Qi Baishi, a master of modern painting; here is the tomb of Xue Xian, a general of the Ming Dynasty, the Yanxi Terrace where the footsteps of Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, are here, the famous mosque, and the old course of the Yellow River with blue waves.