LKKDESIGN × Jinmailang | Behind Jinmailang’s surge in sales


LKKDESIGN × 今麦郎|今麦郎销量“狂飙”的背后

After several pleasant cooperations in the past, the Jinmailang team came to us again, hoping to launch a phenomenal product “soup is so good” in early 2023.

In recent years, there have been many soup-focused brands on the market, such as Soup Master and Soup, which have occupied a large part of the market share.

However, the R&D team behind Jinmailang is very confident in the product, especially in the research and development of “soup”, and has invested a lot of energy, hoping that consumers can drink real “soup”.

After analysis, our team believes that this package should revolve around:

“Return to the essence of “soup”, highlight the high quality of “soup”, convey the culture of “soup”, and bring consumers an “authentic” feeling” as a research topic.

First, Tang Zhenhao is the first visual level. We display it in the form of vertical layout. The font design adopts the list book, which is thick and has a sense of culture. At the same time, the outer frame in the form of a plaque adds cultural attributes and highlights “authentic”. , so that consumers can capture the product name and selling point value at the first time.

Second, color blocks are used to emphasize the taste. Different colors have different tastes, which reduces the decision-making time of consumers.

We have been writing, reading, and marking key points in the horizontal lined book since school. We use psychology to arrange the selling points in the horizontal lined grid, which greatly increases the reading probability of consumers. I also learned about the high quality and advantages of the product in a short period of time, increasing the purchase rate.

Third, highlight the atmosphere of the packaging. The decorative pattern of the grid simulates the tablecloth, combined with the physical map, it looks like a bowl of freshly cooked noodles is placed on the table, waiting to be eaten, which increases consumers’ associations with food.

Title of Work|Jinmailang “Soup So Good” Series
Packaging design brand owner|Jinmailang
Original Design|Rococo – FMCG Innovative Design