Play & Care. Packaging for kids’s bathroom range.

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Carrer de Félix Pizcueta, 23, 46004 València, Valencia, España

Zara Play & Care.

Project: Packaging and graphic design for kids’s bathroom range. Client: Zara Kids, Inditex. Year: 2022

/ABOUT A line of children’s soaps must be attractive for the little ones and turn bath time into a game. The client asked us to design not only the graphics of the boxes, but also the products themselves.

/SOLUTION We designed these soaps and effervescent bombs that, without being toys, are a claim for children from the box itself. Each piece has a phrase of two or three words that refer to the playful and imaginative part of the product, their role would be to create an emotional bond, so we decided to give them a lot of prominence. The chosen font (calligraphic style) is clearly childish and brightly colored on white backgrounds.  To make it stand out even more, they are embossed with glossy varnish.In contrast, the rest of the information (product name and characteristics) are in black, thus avoiding an excessively naive design.


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