TS Shampoo is a leading brand of anti-hair loss shampoo that offers a premium product to the market. In response to consumers’ desire for fragrant shampoo, TS Shampoo has launched the TS La Perfume line, adding a touch of sensibility to the functionality of the product.

To appeal to our target group, who mainly watches home shopping channels, we aimed to express the fragrance in an intuitive and luxurious manner. The collage graphic format highlights the unique scent of TS Shampoo, while the halftone effect and diffuser stick graphic effectively express the subtle spread of fragrance. Using translucent and pearl materials for the shampoo and treatment, respectively, makes it easy to distinguish them.

The TS La Perfume lineup has expanded the brand’s image to appeal to younger generations and people of all ages, opening a new paradigm in the functional shampoo field with a fresh and luxurious image that goes beyond the traditional therapeutic and functional products.