SUNNY SIDE UP is a unique and portable lamp designed to resemble a sunny side up egg, perfect for the brunch theme. This product is a result of the collaboration between Lupick, an event market platform, and The Amond, a lifestyle brand. Their slogan, “little café in my hand that switches on vibes,” perfectly captures the warm and inviting feeling of brunch time. Unlike other lamps on the market, SUNNY SIDE UP features wireless charging technology, enabling users to use it anywhere, anytime.

The concept of brunch is integral to SUNNY SIDE UP’s brand identity. The product package uses bold typography, and an actual egg image is prominently displayed on jam-packed text. The top of the package features a drawing of a sunny side up egg, which can be seen once the box is opened. The back of the package includes images of a broken eggshell and eggs in a carton, creating the impression of purchasing a trendy food package rather than an electronic item. The lamp’s white head and metal body further differentiate it from other lamps on the market.

SUNNY SIDE UP’s compact and portable design makes it versatile and easy to use in any space, including a terrace table during brunch or as a nursery night light. The metal body is touch-sensitive, allowing users to turn the lamp on and off or adjust its brightness level. The tray-shaped wireless charger, resembling a sunny side up on a tray, enables wireless charging of not only the lamp but also other wireless charging products such as mobile phones and air-pods. Additionally, users can personalize the tray charger using brunch-themed stickers.

SUNNY SIDE UP is available for purchase on Lupick, an event market platform, and is stocked on lifestyle select shops and well-known Korean shopping platforms. With various collaborations in the works, SUNNY SIDE UP is set to become even more widely available in the future.