Samsung organized a remarkable event to introduce Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Fold brought about unprecedented innovation. Instead of having an unpacked event as usual, Samsung sent Galaxy Fold as a gift to more than 100 influencers in the world. Each social media influencer received a Galaxy Fold and provided genuine review. Therefore, the influencers shared their real reviews as consumers for other consumers in the market. “Project Winner” is a solution that consists of RSVP, invitation, and special package; these items provided a premium and notable experience to the social media influencers who received Galaxy Fold.

There are new smartphone models released each year in the current market. Samsung Galaxy Fold is definitely one of the innovations that arrived at the mobile market as a technological innovation with foldable “Infinity Flex Display.” This project makes its debut more special. By inviting those who are influential to share their reviews in video on social media, we were able to facilitate interaction with the general public as well. People found this new approach interesting, and the overall package played a major role in this project.

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