Москва, Россия

Ohmybrand agency developed an Amarancho product brand


Russian Olive company has adapted amaranth (a grain crop cultivated by the ancient people of Latin America) for Russian weather conditions. This crop served as the basis of the diet for Indians as well as a holy plant and the lifeblood as early as 8 centuries ago. Russian Olive cultivated and patented two new varieties of amaranth, and then began to sell products made from it: cereals, grain, flour and oil.

Russian Olive addressed Ohmybrand with a dual task. First, it was necessary to create an umbrella brand for the entire research and production holding that was later called Amamrion. More on this in our “A field of opportunities: Ohmybrand developed an umbrella brand Amarion” case.

After that, the agency had the task of developing a series of product brands for regular consumers as well as for the production companies. Amarancho became one of those brands.


It was necessary to create a mass-brand of products from amaranth that would become a valuable part of a food basket for the target audience. The important part was to make the packaging communication as clear as possible on how to incorporate amaranth in the life of a consumer. Ohmybrand was thrilled to show the world all the benefits of amaranth for modern customers.

What exactly did the Ohmybrand agency do:

  • Developed positioning and the name of the brand. Amarancho simultaneously includes the name of the crop and references via morphology Central and South America, the motherland of amaranth.
  • Drew illustrations for each of the four products in this line: cereals, grain, flour and flakes. There is a connection to the natives who first discovered amaranth in ancient times — Aztecs, Aaya and Incas. These illustrations show characters in traditional clothes, jewelry and headdresses of Ancient American civilizations.
  • The back of the packaging has recipes and ways of cooking Amarancho products to demonstrate customers how to use new products.


Amarancho brand, like Amarion brand, was featured in exhibitions Prodexpo Moscow and Gulfood Dubai in February 2023. At the same time, the Amarancho products came into the market.


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Москва, Россия
Creative Director: Nadezhda Parshina
Design: Ekaterina Kaigorodova
Project manager: Anna Tzareva
Project manager: Ekaterina Kruchkova
Strategist: Leonid Spiridonov
Namer: Roman Urban