Pata Studio

London, UK

Brewart Zivania is a Cypriot spirit, produced by distilling a blend of grape pomace and dry wines made from local grapes in copper alembics.

The brief was to creatively showcase the traditional Zivania production method and to differentiate the three types of Zivania; Classic, Platinum, and Gold, with Gold being aged in oak barrel and Platinum being aged in wine barrels. The challenge was to visually convey the traditional distillation process while making this Cypriot spirit appealing to consumers from all around the world.

The objective was to develop unique packaging that highlights the product’s heritage, catering to a niche market interested in strong spirits and Cypriot culture. The front label features Saint Hilarion Castle’s stunning window from the 11th century. Through that window, it’s possible to see the traditional distillation process which is printed on the back label. We used distinct colours to differentiate the types of Zivania; a beige tone for the one aged in oak barrel and pink for the one aged in wine barrel and the copper foil used in the Zivania logo refers to the traditional alembic.

The final result is an attractive and informative packaging design, showcasing the product’s roots and traditional production.


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