Frezyderm Cough Syrup

ABC Design Communication

Συνταγματάρχου Δαβάκη 15, Πεύκη 151 21, Ελλάδα

Frezyderm creates the Frezyderm Cough Syrup based on plant extracts.

The challenge was to design a label that stood out from the competition, to highlight the cough problem and at the same time maintain the quality and confidence that the consumer has in all Frezyderm products.

The design idea was based equally on the color and the figure starring on the label.

The design was based on the blue color that characterizes the product, emphasizing the medical form of the preparation, but without losing the childish approach as a final image. The colorful KIDS logo and the protagonist – the little man who coughs – help in this by creating a friendly funny image of the cough.

The printing of the label was done on metallic material giving shine to the blue color of the background which in combination with the printing on the logo and the image of the hero acquired added aesthetic value creating the ideal combination.