Lightwater Skincare

Alexandra Necula

Transilvania, România

Lightwater is a pure, fresh skincare brand from source to skin. Their main differentiation points are that the products are freshly made with zero preservatives. They are made in small batches in single-dose packaging to avoid repeated exposure to light, air, and touch and therefore to keep the products fresh, clean, hygienic, and pure (free of contamination from repeated use).

We came up with a packaging design system that looks and feels clinical, fresh, minimal, upscale, and fun! the complete packaging kit starts from single-use paper stick packs, placed inside a bigger paper gusset pouch, and delivered in corrugated shipping boxes made of recycled cardboard. The fun touch points can be seen on the shipping box sticker, the customized box interior, and the custom brand iconography.

Lightwater challenges the beauty industry norms, reimagining skincare that’s as fresh as whole food and nutritious as supplements.