Authentic Ego helps people stop fighting with their skin and reclaim their skin’s natural power to heal itself with fungal acne-safe skincare. AE was built to bridge the gap between big beauty and people like you—it’s the rebel brainchild that stems from witnessing the beauty industry mislead customers suffering from acne and other skin problems. While others sell unnecessary garbage made with the wrong ingredients at the wrong concentrations, and with the wrong pH, they focus on principles first: Helping people heal your skin’s natural barrier.

They speak to customers interested in a healthy lifestyle and diet, microbiome and gut health, who care about what they put on their skin and body. Their ideal client cares about the environment and recyclability, want to see inclusivity in products they purchase, and is not interested in flashy marketing or packaging, but more interested in the ingredients inside the products and the results. They look for specific active ingredients that are science-backed and well-researched.

AE’s brand personality is rooted in science, healing, and self-empowerment. We designed a minimal and sophisticated visual identity with a touch of fun, conveyed mostly through lifestyle photography. We chose neutral, tan, and skin tone colors mixed with clean, simple, yet modern typography. To elevate and enhance the overall identity we created a set of abstract, elegant, and dynamic lines inspired by geometry and science. The custom logotype encompasses their 4-pronged approach to skincare for treating and preventing acne – the 4 dots gradually diminish, similar to how acne spots heal themselves and eventually disappear. We also created a minimal brand monogram to be used in limited spaces such as packaging lids, favicons, and social media profiles.