Optimized on the basis of traditional Chinese utensils, it is concise and generous, modern without losing the oriental tradition, expressing the product’s inheritance of classic traditional culture and creating a sense of authority. Graphics that extract product features are combined with cultural symbols such as Chinese traditional culture and traditional Chinese medicine to highlight the texture of packaging with a simple and modern design, creating a visual experience with profound cultural heritage and high value.

Wuhan Aoqilong Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. is a characteristic enterprise dedicated to the excavation, protection, research and development, production and sales of ancient Chu folk original health care products. In 2003, the high-quality deer species of Changbai Mountain were introduced, and a reindeer farm covering an area of 50,000 square meters was built at the foot of Yuejia Mountain in Baiquan. The secret recipe was jointly prepared by Liang Bangchang, the master of liquor bartending, and the master of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing 301 Hospital. The total investment was over 100 million and it was put into production that year. . After several years of painstaking research and development, health care products such as deer antler, deer blood and deer antler wine have been successfully developed. Aoqilong brand American ginseng deer antler wine is made of precious traditional Chinese medicine formula, refined by complex processes such as earthwork soaking and natural extraction. Contribute a unique drink that enhances immunity and relieves physical fatigue for sub-healthy people.

The alcohol content of this wine is moderate, the entrance is sweet and soft, the aftertaste is fragrant and fragrant, and the wine effect is strong and powerful. It has unique efficacy and unique flavor in health wine, and is widely favored by wine lovers.