In a state of flow. The state of the highest possibilities, the peak of potential realization. When the body and mind are in unity with the elements. In order not to fall, we must constantly balance.

In the modern world, we are trying to find or return this balance through various practices or products with which we can get out of the unstable state of flow, feel the balance and state of complete unity between activity and situation. This feeling is very similar to when you swim for a long time. You enter a state where you no longer feel tired, extraneous thoughts do not overcome you, you are fully concentrated, your body is floating.

We literally interpret the feeling of weightlessness through the image of a floating package. Products like floats balance on the surface of the outer carton. Capsule – Premium natural skincare and spa products for every body. The brand’s products focus on the themes of relaxation and balance.

Curator’s Insight: The Capsule brand design is a brilliant example of how to convey the concept of flow and balance through packaging. omsky have used the metaphor of floating products to create a visual impression of weightlessness and harmony. It is a design that invites the user to immerse themselves in a state of relaxation and well-being.

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Art direction & design: Oksana Paley
Art direction & design: Jane Berezhna
3d visualization: Andrey Kuzmin