Macau Code is a personal brand of skincare products, behind which there is a certain person, the creator.

Everybody is particular in their own way. The way the person is looking at the world, from what angle, is definitely shaping their personality and the environment around them. There are certain moments when we want just to stop the time in order to feel the presence. The Brand Macau Code is the place to share the creator’s discoveries he has experienced during his life. Traveling up and down the world while searching for powerful ingredients, he discovered a great variety of local healing rituals.

Nothing will tell as honestly about us and our experiences as our phone gallery, which can provide information about us as well as our experience the best. This is our personal code. In the package “a piece of personality ” of the creator, his inner world, so to say, a personal code, has been literally packed in, excluding any additional filters, just as it is. (bare facts)

Like any personal private items, these images have been hidden from strangers’ eyes, by being put inside the package. Only very close friends, belonging to our environment (community), those who are trusted, can be allowed to dive and immerse into our world.

Looking at these unique photographs taken by the creator personally, the intimate connection between the founder and his brand is highly emphasized, as well as documentary evidence of Macau Code component origin.

Curator’s Insight

This raw, unvarnished look at the creator’s experiences is a refreshing departure from the overly curated world of skincare. I feel like it’s like getting an invitation to an exclusive club.



art direction & design: Oksana Paley
art direction & design: Jane Berezhna
photo: Tatyana Lavrova
Macau Code