Sol y Luna – Añejo Tequila


1 Main St. Qalaa, BLdg. 257 - Mount Lebanon - Lebanon

Sol y Luna – Añejo Tequila (Sun & Moon Aged Tequila), a concept based on the Aztec god of the sun and moon ‘Huitzilopochtli’ and his temple. Huitzilopochtli is seen as the sun in mythology, while his many male siblings are perceived as the stars and his sister as the moon. In the Aztec worldview, this is the reason why the Sun is constantly chasing the Moon and stars.

The bottle features Aztec patterns of the sun and the moon, and you can clearly see ball-shaped areas representing those celestial objects.

Note: the bottle is still undergoing stress tests to temper the glass as the larger ball has some rigidity issues.

The package is hand-made of either ‘Zapote’ or ‘Pochote’ wood and the transparent part is of 2mm Acrylic, in addition to brass finishing of metal nails, custom screws and a loop handle.