Asawaa is a native liquor from the Colombian tropics, distilled with ancestral techniques developed by the communities living in La Guajira, a territory described as an indecipherable place in the Caribbean.

We designed packaging that honors the history and tradition of this territory of indecipherable spirit.
A territory that is desert in the Caribbean.
An old story told in native languages.
Between magic birds and palabreros that order the world.
Capricious winds that erase the footprints and a sun that makes the blood boil.
Wild nopales, kept by wild eyes.
A brave guajira that to feel it, you have to drink it.
Asawaa, The spirit of guajira.

Curator’s Insight

Imagine being whisked away to a realm where ancient tales are whispered in native languages, woven into intricate symbols and letters that add a touch of magic to the design. It’s like stepping into a world of myths and legends, where magic birds soar and palabreros shape the very fabric of reality.

But the real charm lies in how the design captures the soul of the desert in the Caribbean—wild nopales, capricious winds, and a sun that makes the blood boil. It’s like feeling the warmth of the land in every drop of Asawaa. This is more than just a spirit; it’s a connection to the spirit of guajira, a land that must be experienced to be truly understood.

In my personal view, this packaging is a piece of art that invites you to explore a world of wonder and mystery. It’s a celebration of nature’s untamed beauty and the cultural treasures hidden within. The designers have managed to capture the very soul of La Guajira and transform it into a design that’s both captivating and authentic.