Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Fun Factory is a company that mainly creates sex toys. They designed a menstrual cup with a unique shape that follows the structure of the vaginal canal. The product can hold 4x-6x as much as a tampon, and it is made of medical-grade silicone, so it is gentle on the skin.

In Hungary, sustainable period products are not too well-known, hence my goal was to create intriguing, aesthetically pleasing packaging that makes people consider the option. As the menstrual cups are colorful, I designed illustrations with fairytale creatures based on the colors. The box contains the cup itself, a breathable embroidered linen pouch, and a compact instruction manual, all cohesive with each box’s main color scheme.

No one with a uterus is excited for this time of the month. Drawing inspiration from the company’s name, I wanted to give customers a fun and memorable unboxing experience. I liked how the original packaging showed what the cup looks like, so elevating the box even further, I added a viewing window so that the product itself can be seen. However, this window is covered by a door that keeps the box discreet as well as adds a surprise element to the opening. This feature gave me more surfaces to use and decorate, so I added magical, inspirational quotes to the inside of the doors.

All in all, this packaging is a spin on the company’s name and the colors used with the cups. It is designed to put this sustainable period product on more people’s radars and give them an exciting unboxing experience.