In May 2018, Guo Jing, the fourth-generation descendant of Lishuwang Liquor Industry, registered the account “Guo Daxia” on Douyin, and shot a series of Kung Fu videos with his own liquor distillery as the background to spread traditional Chinese Kung Fu and liquor culture. After releasing the first video, the number of likes reached 5W+, and the number of fans quickly exceeded one million, which can be described as an instant hit.

As the first product online, we created a product packaging with the image of a knight as the key element.

In martial arts movies, knights, inns, and wine are usually linked together. It builds the public’s imagination of the image of knights, and turns the sword in the hands of knights into sorghum, the raw material for brewing wine. It fits the sense of humor that dissolves all serious themes in the Internet age. At the same time, it has a good association with the brand’s accumulated network image, and it is also very in line with the public’s imagination of martial arts and traditional wine culture.

Since then, through several iterations of the video content, “Guo Daxia” will gain nearly 5 million fans in 2021, and has become an Internet celebrity with tens of millions of dollars. Many of his videos have also been transferred to the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that although “Guo Daxia” did not carry out live streaming, since September 2020, Douyin officially cut off the third-party external chain and built a self-operated e-commerce platform. For more than a year, only relying on the account Thanks to its influence, “Guo Daxia” and its linked store “Guoji jiufang” achieved sales of 32,000 pieces and 20,000+ pieces respectively. According to Guo Jing himself, since the Guoji Distillery’s old-fashioned sorghum liquor was put on the shelves in July last year, as of February this year, it has sold a total of 40,000 cases, with a total sales of over 12 million yuan.

Curator’s Insight: The packaging design of Guoji Distillery’s old-fashioned sorghum liquor is a brilliant example of how to integrate martial arts and wine culture into a coherent and attractive visual story.