zahra sayanjali

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Developing a New Brand is Always Exhilarating and Building it from Scratch Has Been an in-depth Process.

PRODUCT CONCEPT: Kalleh Brand Decided to Launch a high-quality and New Product That is Called Katela ( Dulce de leche ) . Actually, the Origin of “Ka” Kaleh and “Tela” is taken from the second part of Nutella.

Dulce De leche or Katla milk jam is Obtained by Gently Heating Milk to Create Flavor Compounds. This Product is Similar to Caramel in Terms of Color and Appearance and is a Native Product of South American Countries Such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. Dulce De leche Can Be a Good Substitute for Jam, Honey or Chocolate for Breakfast.

Creative, Illustrator and Senior Designer: Zahra Sayanjali

Art Director: Alireza Mianji

Location: Iran

Packaging Contents: Katela

Printing Process: Label

Client: Kalleh

Credits: Atibal Marketing Consulting Company