zahra sayanjali

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Mazmaz  Brand decided to launch a  high-quality NUT with a different look.  So we started to think about a simple but stylish design that attracts almost everyone on in-store shelves.

The overall design features a vibrant color palette that has sharp, vivid colors to evoke a sense of excitement and appeal. These colors have been carefully selected to reflect the warmth and pleasure associated with brain consumption and to inspire customers.

The front of the packaging shows a tantalizing image of the brain itself, depicting its majesty along with a watercolor combination of images of the stages of brain development. This image is a beautiful visual representation that awaits the customer. High-quality and attractive images are used to ensure that the product looks incredibly irresistible.

NUTََ – MAzMAz – Packaging Design
Creative, Illustrator and Senior Designer: Zahra Sayanjali
Studio Manager: Alireza Mianji
Client: MazMaz
Location: Iran
Packaging Contents: NUT
Credits: Atibal Marketing Consulting Company


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