zahra sayanjali

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Millions of People Use Milk in Their Diet Every Day. But there are people who don’t like plain milk and want flavored milk, or they are looking for flavored milk with an impressive design for children to be more attractive for daily consumption.

Therefore, it was decided that the design should be accompanied by an illustration that has a story, and from a visual point of view, the packaging design for Milkshake products should be such that it focuses on the design and is visually attractive and impressive for both children and parents and among the competitors.

Be Distinguished
Therefore, we created the image of flavors to be highlighted with an exciting movement and the main character, which has a splash wave of flavors or an attractive movement with high icching.

Concept for Milkshake  Dairy Packaging

Creative, Illustrator & Graphic Designer: Zahra Sayanjali

Studio Manager: Alireza Mianji

Location: Iran

Credits: Atibal Creative Agency / Kalleh Brand