Livada Herbal Teas


Herbal teas are renowned for their natural healing properties. Through captivating visuals, we aimed to convey the inherent power of these teas to support our well-being. By incorporating images of herbs and botanical elements, we created designs that evoke a sense of vitality and the connection between nature and health. Earthly and invigorating color palettes enhance the visual experience and communicates the energy and vibrancy herbal teas bring into our lives.

We highlighted the importance of design in communicating the health benefits and qualities of herbal teas. By creating packaging designs that conveyed freshness, purity, and natural goodness, we inspired viewers to choose herbal teas as their go-to beverages for nourishing their bodies and minds. We also explored the use of typography, colors, and illustrations to create designs that were not only visually appealing but also informative and inspiring.

Each tea blend had its unique properties, whether they promoted relaxation, boosted immunity, aided digestion, or enhanced cognitive function and each is presented in a different appropriate colour, easy to recognise.