Salman Fruit Juice Label Design


Salman fruit juices boast a captivating lineup of six exquisite flavors: plum, pomegranate, mango, pineapple, orange, and blueberry pomegranate. Carefully tailored for both export and domestic markets, the labels feature a striking design that exudes elegance and draws attention. With a consistent and cohesive layout, identifying the brand name and flavor becomes effortless, whether through printing or other production methods.

Delve deeper into the label, and you’ll discover meticulous attention to detail. Supplementary information, such as the specific flavor, weight, and the delightful absence of carbonation, enriches the overall consumer experience, albeit taking a secondary role.

To elevate the Salman brand further and showcase its captivating imagery, we’ve incorporated metallization and UV services. These expertly applied finishing touches enhance visual appeal and lend a touch of sophistication to every bottle. Notably, our dedicated team at ZariifGraphics Studio handled the entire design process, seamlessly blending photography and editing techniques. Embracing the power of artificial intelligence tools, we ensured high-quality image editing, resulting in a visually stunning final product.

Experience the essence of Salman fruit juices not only through their exquisite flavors but also through the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that enriches every sip.