Brain Tank

Киев, Украина, 02000

By introducing a completely new product to the market, the Mariyka brand sought to present its drinking yoghurts to the audience in such a way as to make them popular not only among the already established target audience. The brand team wanted to “rejuvenate” its consumers, so they turned to our creatives for help.

“We were given the task of creating an advertisement for a new product, modernizing the perception of the brand, and we confidently accepted this challenge. After choosing fashion effects and leading shooting techniques, we told the story of yogurt consumption in an “Instagrammable” location with an attractive young girl. Thus, instilling the idea that drinking yogurt is fashionable, we involved young people in the formation of new trends, and the added effects emotionally confirmed the underlying idea of rejuvenation,” Andrey Franchuk, creative director of Brain Tank.

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