Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

In a world dominated by digital forces, it is worth placing more emphasis on promoting books. The aim of PesText – which is an international literary and cultural festival – is to present the appearance of different languages and literary cultures in the reading experiences of another country, another nation.

As a creator who claims to be a bookworm, I considered it my goal to create an image that not only refers to a festival environment, but also includes the world of books and literary works. The dragon and its parts appearing on the website of the PesText festival appear as an essential design element, which I did not want to hide in any way. The dragon turned into a paper dragon in my imagination, which refers to the importance of paper in the world of books and refers to the reading experience. The appearance of the dragon as a logo, displayed from other angles, turned into a dynamic logo, which I carried throughout the design of the image, and which forms an important element of a packaging that also guides us into the world of games.

The board game called PesText Dragon introduces us to a world where the goal is to acquire books. Various illustrated action cards or lucky cards on which quotes from books play a role in helping to make the experience of the game more colorful and funnier.