Flare is a brand that elevates the everyday experience of wearing and owning sunglasses. The packaging for sunglasses is often uninspiring and dull, contradictory to the naturally stylish nature of the accessory.

Besides the connotation of light, the name ‘Flare’ is alternatively play on the word ‘Flair’ which is associated with stylishness. Flare reimagines the packaging for sunglasses in a new light, complete with a distinguishing visual and a style guide.

Curator’s Insight

Flare’s use of the word ‘Flare’ not only hints at style but also implies a revelation of the unseen. The use of circular shapes also adds a dynamic element to the design. Circles can convey a sense of movement and fluidity, suggesting that when you put on these sunglasses, you’re stepping into a world of action and adventure.


Photography: Aumika Shetty
Photography: Christina Chahyadi
Maryland Institute College of Art